Cormac's Son, The Wise Taylor

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20, LI, NY, Percussionist, Culinary, Photography, Skate, Secular Humanism, Libertarian, Literature, Tattoo's, Buddhism, Philosophy, and Weed.
Moslty reblogging. Tagging whats mine as mine.

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Am I moving in the right direction? Are you all here, or are you just a reflection? Or am I a reflection of you, even if I am does that change the view. I am me and me is you. All the same being with a consciousness; skewed.

The more I look
The more I see
Not everything’s
lost to tragedy

songs and tales of sorrows
Relinquishing fear
That we have for tomorrow

Now we’ve got hands
outstretched towards the sky
Cradling mortal souls
All subject to die

Morality; our greatest feat
Most don’t hear the music
But still feel the beat

And if the beat hasn’t shaken
rattled or broken your bones
Opened your ears dropped your jaw
And invaded your home

You’re aren’t home. You’re lost. And maybe one day you’ll feel the beat, you’ll hear the music and you’ll cry…or maybe you’ll just die.

Good luck.


love you too